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Minnie's Beach Cafe

Small friendly breakfast and lunch restaurant with great food!

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Welcome to Minnie's Beach Café!!

Hello, this is Kathy. I am sure that most of you know me from Minnie's Beach Café'.  We are a small fifty seat breakfast and lunch restaurant on Anna Maria Island. We are so very lucky to get to meet people from all over the world everyday on our little island paradise. All of us like to get to know each and every customer that walks thru our door. Lots of folks think that we cater to locals only because we call people by name. We learn your names whether you come in once a year or everyday! We love to hear how your vacation is going, where you are from, and of course if you are happy with your meal! Yup, we are nosy!


Kathy's News From Minnie's 

Hi everyone! I am new to this website thing, but I will do my best. 
Thank you for subscribing to our news letter! It is exciting to know that we can keep in touch this way. 
Let me tell you a little about myself and Minnie's Beach Café'. I moved to Florida in 1989 from Massachusetts, where I worked for a Plumbing supply company. When we moved to the island (Anna Maria) I applied at the only plumbing supply company on the island and was offered 5.00 an hour! Well, that just would not do! So I went back to waiting tables. I went to work for Brian's Sunny Side Up in 1995. Brian sold the restaurant to myself, Mary and our partners Lynda and Paul Allgire. Four years ago, we bought them out as Paul had retired from teaching and Lynda stayed on as a server until last February, when she, too, retired. Minnie's is our second home and we treat our customers as we would visitors to our home. We both love the restaurant bizz. The smiles on the faces of our customers bring happiness to our souls. Kaylee, our niece works with us as well and she married our kitchen manager two years ago! The majority of our staff have been with us forever, Dawn (Dining room manager) and I often joke that we are going to have to move out some tables in a few years in order to get our walkers thru! We always say that we will continue at Minnie's until it stops being fun! I just can't see that happening! 

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What is happening at Minnie's?

As you may or may not know, we have been closed on Monday's. This is a temporary thing, we will reopen on Mondays at the end of October or before. 
Minnie's gets very busy thru the high season, and needs a yearly very thorough cleaning and re-organizing every fall. This year it is the kitchen's turn. Our cooking equipment, range, grill, steam table etc, have been there since the early 1970's! Well it's high time we step it up a bit. So we may have to close a few days next week in order to bring out the old and bring in the new! I think I may just film this as the range/ovens/grill must have been there before they put up the wall! So it will have to be dismantled in order to get it out! That video may go viral! 
Mary, head chef and partner is flat on her back, poor baby had back surgery early this week. To keep her mind off the pain she has been busy coming up with new recipes! I just love this time of year, a little cooler, mid 80's! The fall specials are amazing, pumpkin pancakes, cranberry nut pancakes, oh and the cookies at Christmas! Yummm! Chuck is at the helm cooking for all of you! He goes back three owners ago, started at the restaurant when he was sixteen, he is now about to turn 44!  Great time to visit the island, no waits, light traffic, private spots on beaches! A big plus is we get to jibber jabber with our customers and get to know every single one! Hope to see you all soon! 

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